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Thursday, July 23, 2015

How To Make Money On Instagram

If you have 50k+ followers you should start monetizing it. I know people do it with much less, but I've only had experience with 50+. You can make major bank on Instagram so let's get started. I've either tried these methods myself or have friends doing them at the moment and they work.
How To Make Money On Instagram

This would have to be the biggest money maker on IG for most people. A friend of mine does this full time. He charges $130 for a 2-hour shoutout and has a massive waiting list. When he wakes up in the morning it takes him most of the day to get through the orders from the night before, Although he has an account with 2 mill.... this is possible for a smaller account, he started doing it at 130k followers.

2.Direct Messaging and KIK
This is a grind at first but once you build up a customer base they will return for more. Find other accounts, fitness accounts who sell products love buying shoutouts. Anyhow DM as many people as you can and also send them a message over KIK if they have one listed on the account. When I mean as many people as you can I'm talking about other decent pages that look like they have money to burn... hence fitness and health, they know how to spend. If you're having a slow day you can also DM random smaller accounts but you will need to give them a discount.... not everyone on IG is willing to pay for a shoutout but they will pay if it's cheap. It's still money in the bank. Make sure you have some form of contact in your profile. KIK or E-mail.

3.Forums and Website
I'm not sure if I can list any here, but you can find forums where you can advertise shoutouts. BHW is one of them. Google should help you out with this. You can list your account on shoutout websites also... type "Instagram shoutouts" in google and there you go.

If you start getting into shoutouts seriously, remember to always act professional. If you provide what the buyer needs they will come back for more.

4.CPA (Click Per Action)
This would have to be another great money maker. Do you ever remember all that spam "win an iPhone" crap? You can do that, but you will most likely get banned if you don't know how to do it... not worth it on a big account. So since most of the traffic is mobile traffic I would suggest signing up to a few big CPA networks and advertise games and apps. All you need to do is post an image about the game or app and add the link to your profile. Tell the followers you have a link in your profile. You can also casually just add some info in the captions of your normal post, this way it won't piss off the followers too much. Make sure you have a responsive website.

Another way is driving traffic off-site. Start a website with CPA offers on it, one way a buddy of mine is doing it is with video. He uploads a video to a website then adds a video locker from CPAgrip. He then post a 15sec video and at the end of the video it says "see the rest of the video, link in profile". He doesn't make a lot but he makes enough.

Just like CPA, drive traffic to a website that's related to your nice. The visitors will click on the adverts.... you will need a lot of followers to make this worth it though.

6.Physical Products
You can sell any product. It's how you market it that gets the sales. Just look at this website called Drop Bottle. The owner only advertises on Instagram and makes over 6 figures a month so I heard. Shitty little waters bottles and over 6 figures a month..... So what can you sell? Anything, Google the words below and you will find something you could sell.
*Dr Jays
*Aliexpress (Drop Bottle gets their products from here)
*Lighting in a box
*East Bay

Although selling physical products is more work it can be worth it if you do it right. I would only advise this on a niche related account though. If you did go down this road make sure you use Pinterest as well. I was reading an article about a site that sells food products and gets over 500k uniques a month alone from Pinterest.

7.Follow Trends
If you see a trend then make an account and see how you do. I made one about Ice Bucket fails. I then bought a few shoutouts. It grew to over 90k, I then did some shoutouts and sold it for $850 when the trend died off. With the shoutouts and the sale price I made over $4,000.

I'm sure there are lots of other ways but I know these do work Enjoy.

written by: Franklin Hattchet (blackhatworld user)


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